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“This was the first time I had had any therapy and Hannah’s professionalism, experience and warm nature made my time with her incredibly worthwhile. I sought out her help when I was particularly confused and wanting to make sense of some of my irrational behaviour – which I did.

I would definitely recommend her to others, and would not hesitate to contact her again if I felt I needed to.”



“For many years I had downplayed the issues I was struggling with and had resisted help as I felt I could work through things personally and unfortunately got myself to breaking point which really wasn’t a pretty sight and this is where thankfully Hannah came into the equation. Through different length sessions of varying frequency depending on what I felt would help me I have in a way become a whole new person as I understand the importance and benefit that therapy can bring to help you see the route of the cause of many deep ridden ways of thinking and therefore help create a new way of thinking and rationale when experiencing situations or life experiences that before I couldn’t handle. I’m very grateful for her helping me to stand on my own two feet again and not emotionally depend on my family and friends but to have another healthier outlet to work through my problems which I now bring into new life challenges. She helped un tap things I had never realized I needed to focus on or were a cause for how I was feeling and therefore helped me to heal from events I wasn’t aware were still an issue, which as a result has made a massive impact. All I can say is I’m very grateful that I found Hannah when I did otherwise things could have been very different!”



“Hannah is the first and only therapist I have approached and spent time with. From the first contact, to the first session and throughout my treatment Hannah has always made me feel welcome and at ease. She finds the perfect blend of professionalism and empathy and has helped me immensely on my journey to leading a happier life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hannah to anyone looking for help.”



“I’ve been seeing Hannah on and off for 3 years now. She has picked me up at my lowest points, it used to be the one hour in the week I really used to look forward to! She guided me through crucial life decisions, helped me understand and break bad patterns in my behaviour. Me and my partner also had two relationship counselling sessions with Hannah and one has completely turned things around for us. It was there where my partner and me have learnt to actually listen to each other. I am not seeing her now as life is back on track and I’m feeling content but whenever I have a bad day, I say to myself ‘What would Hannah say?’ and go from there.

I’m very grateful to Hannah for the work she has done with me and for the skills she has equipped me with to be emotionally stronger, wiser and happier.”



“Hannah has always been professional, appropriate, and compassionate. These qualities have allowed me to explore both long-standing issues and a current personal loss to understand myself in a way that I have not done before. I am in my fifties and wish I had had the opportunity to meet this skilful practitioner earlier in my life as through the work we have engaged in together I now going forward in my life feeling heard and empowered to make decisions that are right for me rather than trying to please everyone but my self. I have had previous experience of counselling following divorce and relationship breakups, which were helpful in the short term but did not explore elements that would have enabled me to move, forward with tools and skills in the way that Hannah has done. Hannah’s approach has facilitated me to look at what my patterns of behaviour have been and the reasons for them. As a result I have gained insight and courage, which with her support has enabled me to make healthy changes for me. As a result I feel focused and hopeful.”



“Hitting rock bottom completely in February 2015 was one of the rawest moments of my life.  I had been asking for help, but like a ship with no mast I was cast adrift, my vulnerabilities unnoticed by the endless community services I had been passing through.  Another year, I could have been dead.  Hannah was the first person to spot that I had been slipping through the regulatory net.  She could also see that I was ready to embrace the new and difficult decisions that lay ahead.  Having the opportunity to begin counselling with her, right inside my actual building, was like finding a sail to steer the choppy waters of life; up until this point, I had no direction to pursue for hope.

Counselling services like Hannah’s are so rare to find, particularly for vulnerable people with financial insecurity.  It provided a safe place within my hostel building and initiated a routine immediately.  I soon discovered that the help on offer here was to be life changing for me.  Hannah provided access to a new network of information, opened doors to services and kick-started opportunities for me to be assessed for further treatment.  I had the desire and the intellectual capability to move towards good health, I just needed proper emotional guidance and Hannah took this responsibility into her hands.  Later, she became an advocate and signposted me towards further long-term care.

It’s a two-way street; you have to be prepared to work towards your goals and I came to Hannah willing.  Her counselling service is effective for people who may lack stability, but are receptive and ready to make changes.  There are many more vulnerable people like me who need her help, not least within my building.  I was lucky; within a short while, with her guidance, I have uncovered mental health diagnoses, I have a fixed place on a waiting list for treatment at a world-renowned trauma hospital, as well as now receiving all of the correct entitlements.  My future life is a tangible goal in the near distance.

Knowing how unprecedented it is to find people with the capacity to spot vulnerability in people, particularly those with antisocial behaviours and to encourage them on to the right path, it is amazing to me that this happened within my own building.  I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to Hannah, but also to the service providers that enable brilliant people like her to open doors for those in need.”



“I saw different therapists before I found Hannah and I can imagine where I would be without her today. It is safe to say she changed me for the better and for that I will never be able to repay her. To try and synthesize, her method of work seems to me the most valuable, because she is a guide or a mirror in which you look at. It is “you” who discover your self with her great help and this seems to me the only effective way for a change, overcoming problems and self-knowledge. Because when ideas and change come within you, is when they really work. Hannah makes all that seems easy, opening your doors from the inside, remaining complete isolated and being with you in a very intimate way in the process. In my case of course, it has been fundamental to understand and face my own future and find myself again with her help. Hannah earned my respect and trust by enduring most of my secrets and personal issues. She was able to see the obstacles and challenges that I was not able to see myself. The way she carries herself is unlike anyone and I admire her for that.”

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“Thank you Hannah for your hard work, commitment, dedication and professionalism. I very much appreciate your service. With your help I believe I am developing the skills to self-healing.”




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