I am a qualified clinical supervisor who offers individual and group supervision to a number of professionals ranging from students in training, support workers, social workers and counsellors.  The supervision modality I work within is from an integrative approach encompassing the Psychodynamic, Person-Centred and Existential core principles.

Part of my role as a supervisor is to nurture, support and empower you in your clinical growth as a practitioner in your specialist field.  How I do this is by drawing from my experience as a lecturer, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, utilising my management, supportive and educational experience I have acquired throughout my professional career.  Noting this, as a supervisor I feel it is important for me also to have an openness and curiosity to the difference and diversity views you bring as a trainee/trained practitioner, with a view of me learning from you also.

I believe my role as supervisor is to further nurture and extend your professional knowledge; self-confidence, emotional resilience and `internal supervisor’ whilst working with your clients, service users, patients and residents.  One way I strive to do this is by holding an attitude based on being transparent, empathic and congruent in the feedback I provide.  Moreover, ensuring this developmental feedback enables you to positively grow and feel empowered stemming from what you have shared surrounding your personal/professional experiences in light of your client work.

Noting this, it is my hope, by you experiencing me in this way you will feel safe enough in supervision to become more reflective, playful and curious, whilst presenting your strengths, uncertainties, vulnerabilities of your client work and yourself; with a view of both your clients and you reaching your goals.

Finally, I feel part of my role, as a supervisor is to have an understanding and respect of the cultural differences between both you and myself in the supervisory relationship.  How I strive to do this is by me being self-aware of my own cultural counter-transference in response to your own cultural way of seeing things.  Moreover, ensuring my own cultural values and beliefs are not imposed onto you in the supervisory relationship.  By me holding this in mind, helps to create a safe, learning, reflective environment and foster good intrapersonal relationships between both you and myself.

I offer individual or small group supervision (maximum 3 in a group – 90 minutes).

If providing supervision for an organization, we can negotiate providing the service at the organization location. Please contact me for more information.


Registered with the Counselling Directory.
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